Faster packing to relieve the pressure

Ever since Mark Leenders started using the PSPC 30 egg packer in 2010, his company took on the resemblance of a well-oiled machine. However, at the beginning of this year, the laying hen farmer decided to switch to the latest innovation, the Prinzen 70, in order to be able to cope with the increase in capacity of his company and to respond more flexibly to the rapidly developing sector. This very easy to adjust and maintenance-friendly machine saved him a lot of time. What pleased Leenders tremendously is that the pressure on the process has decreased substantially. 

The Prinzen 70, with a capacity of 25,200 eggs per hour, has already won the NOWOŚĆ 2019 innovation award this year at the FERMA Pig and Poultry Farm Fair in Poland. In addition, it attracted a great deal of interest from both visitors and exhibitors. The egg packer also received a lot of attention at another major trade fair in America where fifty were immediately sold. Valentijn Crum, Business Development Manager at Prinzen (part of the Vencomatic Group), is therefore incredibly enthusiastic: "The Prinzen 70 combines the best of both worlds; it is the result of years of experience and the very latest developments."

Crum comments that Prinzen originates from the hatching egg segment, which explains why egg treatment has always been of paramount importance. And it is this experience that comes in very handy, as laying hens now have an increasingly longer life span. The tried and tested, very gentle vacuum head makes it very easy to pack the eggs that were produced in the last few weeks which have a slightly thinner shell. This basic principle is therefore still an important part of all packaging machines, including the Prinzen 70. "This last machine however is not simply a new product; it is the beginning of a completely new generation," says the Business Development Manager. 

According to Crum, the sector is changing rapidly worldwide. Not only is the capacity growing, with 45,000 laying hens increasingly becoming the standard, there is also a need for flexibility. He continues: "Laying hen farmers want to be able to prepare their ever-increasing sales for distribution quickly and easily, but at the same time there is a growing desire to be able to offer fresh eggs daily on the local market as well. The Prinzen 70 can be adapted in such a way that two completely different packing methods can be carried out using the same machine." 

Laying hen farmer Mark Leenders is still mainly interested in the time savings, compared to the PSPC 30 which he used before. As the Prinzen 70 runs continuously, it takes him 45 minutes less each day to pack over 35,000 eggs all by himself. As he can now put eight stacks on the conveyor belt instead of one stack of 180, manual labour has been reduced by almost ninety percent. "The fact that I don't have to check the machine all the time to see if I have to place a new stack, certainly reduces the pressure and has made my work much more enjoyable. Not to mention the 45 minutes of time saved, which is absolutely great," the satisfied farmer shares.

Although all his eggs are still processed in the same packing station where they are packed in the same way, Leenders did notice the flexibility of the machine: "When the chickens start to lay, the eggs are often a little smaller. Because I can easily adjust the ports of the Prinzen 70, this is hardly a problem anymore. The machine runs smoothly all the time," he says laughingly.

For many years, Prinzen has collaborated closely with its dealers – over 100 worldwide – who are not only the company's ambassadors but also feel out the market. As a result, the business constantly receives input from practice leading to important changes or even completely new products. The most recent feedback from practice even resulted in a repositioning of the product line. And it was from this new line that the Prinzen 70 was launched this year, which was immediately received with a great deal of enthusiasm. Crum feels therefore strengthened by the positive reception and informed us that they are already working hard on adding more products to the same line. 

Text: Pascale Bosboom