Robert chose what he really likes

He is only 20 years old, but he already knows what he wants. Robert Abrahams studies electrical engineering at the Anton Tijdinkschool in Terborg. He started this training at level 4 and under the BOL learning path. This means that you go to school 5 days a week and occasionally do an internship. During his internship at Prinzen in Aalten, he discovered his talent and decided to opt for a BBL learning path.

Robert’s story is inspiring. He is proof that you do not have to make the right choices as soon as you leave secondary school. And that you can safely browse around before you decide what really suits you. Robert said “I started at Prinzen during my first internship and soon realized that I had finished sitting at school desks. In addition, they really wanted me here, so the choice was made quickly.”

Golden hands
His internship supervisor Stef Arentsen also agrees. "We immediately saw that this guy has golden hands, so we would like to keep him here. This is not the first time. More than 30% of trainees and BBLs continue to work with us after the study," he says. This high number that shows that young professionals really have the opportunity to grow and invest in the future

Close to home
Robert finds the fact that he can work close to home a plus. “I work in a very familiar environment. During the weekend I often meet colleagues in the village or in the city and then we have a nice beer together. That's how it works here, there is a great mentality within the company. We work in open spaces, so that everyone can work together and help each other. This way I really get the space to learn the tricks of the trade."

Future plans
It seems that you do not have to make the right training choice the first time. You can learn a lot by trial and error. What Robert wants to do in the future, he now knows for sure. "I am so happy that I want to stay and also want to get my level 4 diploma."