The Speedpack: quiet and compact

Hergen Smid (57), together with his wife Jenneke (53) and son André (20), has a own company with 83,000 laying hens. Their site says that they have 35,000 free-range and 48,000 cage-free hens, but now they are going change of house capacity 45,000 and 38,000 respectively. Smid has been working with the Speedpack 110 for several months now.’

Hergen Smid: "We have chickens since 1979. My wife Jenneke is mainly responsible for collecting the eggs. I keep all under control and André actually takes care of all issues that must be done. He is an all-rounder, he has a driver's license, but he is still a student at school. "

The Speedpack 110 operates at Smid family as the part of a complete line including the inspection roller track and the PS4 Tray Stacker from Prinzen. Hergen: “But the special thing about this packaging line is that the machines from Prinzen can be used together with existing equipment, such as the Kletec tray buffer and the pallet lift. That also says a lot about how flexible the Prinzen systems are."

No earplugs needed
Hergen has worked for decades with other packers, but now he is happy that he has chosen the Prinzen Speedpack. Especially because this packer is very quiet machine. With other brands you need earplugs, but not with the Speedpack. “And I think that what is equally important: this machine looks simpler than installation from other brands. The Speedpack as an installation looks simpler than other types of packers. And if it's simpler, I think, you also have less problems. If a machine is more compact and therefore simpler, fewer components can be broken. Because of this way of assembly, you have easy access everywhere to fix any problems, or to clean the components with air or by wiping."

Smart system
"The packaging line has integrated bins in several places. Those bins are needed for the broken eggs, because I have chickens older than eighty weeks. As a consequence we collect more eggshells during sorting on the inspection roller track. Anyway sorting is very easy with this line. Just imagine, a shell comes into the packer, stops it and indicates that there is a fault. You can clean it and continue quickly.

Hergen still had no any troubles with this packer; that would be strange to get it, because the system is running only a few months. But the problem solution aspect played important role in the choice of this machine: "Prinzen has service mechanical engineers at the dealers. In my case there is an service engineer available at a distance of 20 kilometers, who can quickly come to us in case of problems.”

More convenience in work
Hergen Smid notes that the packer is slightly more expensive than systems from other manufacturers with lower capacities: "But I do not think that price is so important. In any case, the difference in price is negligible if you distribute it for 50 years. What I find much more important that I have a very good machine. This gives me more convenience in work, in addition, you have to work with this machine four hours every day for many years; that is why high quality is most important. "

Egg vending machine
At the 'egg farm' of the Smid family there is an egg vending machine where the egg lovers can buy eggs at any time of the day. This machine is always filled with the freshest eggs. Would it be nice if there were a special belt from the Speedpack directly to the egg vending machine? Hergen is laughing. "Nice idea, but profit from the egg vending machine is not that big. No, such a Speedpack 110 only becomes profitable at larger numbers. If you have 5,000 chickens, it is an expensive machine", says with satisfaction Hergen.