Confidence in the future with the new Prinzen packer

Sander Vetker represents the third generation in the family business Wessels-Vetker in Wierden. His grandfather Henk Wessels (87) already had a breeder farm for parent stock and Sander (25) still has, together with his father Frits Vetker (57). His mother Erna-Vetker-Wessels (56) used to do the administration. Sander: "She no longer does that. But she still takes care of our company; for the inner man to be precise. "

The company in Wierden, Wessels-Vetker has 50,000 birds (46,000 females and the rest are males) and stands for three generations of breeders who have all opted for a Prinzen packer. Their latest installation is an Ovoset Pro with an Ovograder and a Trolley loader. Sander again is content with the recent purchase of the new installation. The service offered plays an important role in this. Sander: "With the installation of Prinzen we hardly have any malfunctions’’. And when there is a problem we call Prinzen and then we can usually repair it ourselves on their instructions. We are reasonably technical so with their assistance by telephone we most of the time manage to solve a problem ourselves. In this way, we can continue our work quickly since those eggs do not wait; they must go out seven days a week. And if things do not work out well by phone, people from Prinzen will come and see what is wrong. Like at one occasion when the pump that sucks up the eggs, did not work anymore. You really have a problem then, because you cannot do anything anymore. As it was not the relay that caused the problem, the vacuum pump had to be broken. In such cases they will come to solve the problem immediately. "

According to Sander, Prinzen thinks solution-oriented; they never will say that things are not possible: "In 2007 my father got a hernia. The choice for a Trolley loader was made quickly then. But there was no room to place a packer and a loader in one line. They came to see and the Trolley loader was placed next to the line by developing a side shift system, especially for our situation. "

New line with old packer
Sander is enthusiastic about the expansion possibilities of the Prinzen installations: "We were able to place our old packer from the PSPC series in our new line. Now, we can pack hatching eggs, small hatching eggs and table eggs. The small hatching eggs are packed by the old PSPC packer. We have had this overhauled and now it just goes along again. That old packer still looks fine since it was made of stainless steel. Thanks to this stainless steel, the entire installation is easy to clean. However, the installation does not need to be spotless for operating; if the moving parts are regularly lubricated, it will all work well. But I want a clean machine because of our hygiene protocol. And then stainless steel is ideal because you can easily clean it; two to three times per production cycle, because in 30,000 eggs, you can easily overlook a weak shelled egg ".

More egg grades
Future-oriented; that's how Sander describes the installations of Prinzen: "They are a leading company and especially the Ovograder shows this. In comparison with the Elgra, weighing 15.000 eggs per hour, the Ovograder is much faster. It can weigh theoretical 30.000 eggs per hour. Of course, there are always some empty spots on the belt in practice. Furthermore, the Ovograder has become more accurate. If, for example, a feather gets stuck on the load cell, then the weigher will correct itself so you always have the perfect egg weighing. But the most important thing is that the Ovograder can handle more egg grades. This is important to us because it allows us to remain interesting for our customers as a producer. I do not know exactly how this will go in the future. But I do know that the delivery of various egg weights will soon lead to a quality increase and a better return; also for our customers. "

Is the Prinzen packer really the ideal installation? "Well, if you are a pig farmer or dairy stock farmer then I would not opt for it," Sander Vetker jokes.