Open door day at Gussinklo

Saturday March 26th Arjan Gussinklo opened his poultry farm to everyone. Gussinklo recently purchased a Pallet loader with Speedpack from Prinzen, and refurbished his poultry farm. After a nice speech of Mr Kok,  member of the local council, Cor van de Ven, owner of Vencomatic Group, officially opened the refurbished farm. Both Prinzen and Gussinklo are located in Aalten. For Prinzen this is a great opportunity, we now have a beautiful visiting location within a few hundred meters.

More than 1.000 people came to have a look at the new equipment. Everything was organized for the children to have fun playing, they could pet various animals too. A pancake bakery was present, and there were some local products for sale : home-made jams & cookies, and a large variety of t-shirts. People were welcomed to admire old tractors from Arjan’s collection, as collecting old tractors is one of his hobbies.

The open day at the poultry farm also served an honourable purpose: to raise money for cancer treatment. For the company Gussinklo, raise funds for this cause has a particular sense, as one of their employees has been struck with cancer in his own family. Roughly € 3,500 has been collected during the day, and the proceeds will be donated to cancer research. Arjan, together with his employee – who is especially affected by cancer,  will be part of the Big Challenge team who will climb the French Alpe d’Huez six times at the beginning of June, again to raise money for cancer research.