Wadi Group chooses Prinzen hatchery automation

Wadi Group, a major integration in the Middle East, has opted for Prinzen hatchery automation equipment. This is the first company in Egypt to fully sort and pack the eggs automatically. Initially, only for the eggs of young breeders, about 600,000 eggs per week. The total production is much bigger.

Wadi Group has companies in Egypt, Lebanon and Sudan. With a workforce of around 5,000 people, an annual turnover of 300 million euros per year is realized. The company’s activities are specializes in rearing, breeding, hatching and selling of parent stock, broilers and day-old chicks.

The most important reason for the Wadi Group to choose for Prinzen products is the point down setting of 99.7%. Currently, they have a point down setting of 95/96%. A hatchery loses 0.2 percent of the marketable chicks for every 1 percent of the fertile eggs that are not set point down. In this case, this means> 4.7% x 0.2 x 31,200,000 (600,000 x 52 weeks per year) = 293,280 day-old chicks extra on an annual basis.